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PRECOM³OS Book Publication - Precomos - Preventive Conservation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Monuments and Sites

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Precomos: Preventive conservation,maintenance and monitoring of monuments and sites

PRECOM³OS Book Publication

written by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on Thursday 19 September 2013

At the inauguration of the PRECOM³OS UNESCO chair at Leuven in March 2009 various contributions have been given that defined the scene of preventive conservation of immovable heritage. It built on existing collaboration between the partnering organisations and on previous collaboration within the European project “Seminars on PREventive COnservation and Monitoring of the Architectural Heritage” (SPRECOMAH, 2007-2008) and the subsequent PRECOM³OS-workshop supported by UNESCO.


The updates on the insights gained since then, have been shared at the Thematic Week organized to celebrate the prolongation of the UNESCO Chair until 2016. During this seminar updates on the insights on the state of affairs were shared. The international World Heritage perspective was presented in relation to the wider development potential of heritage preservation strategies based on preventive conservation.  In addition, advanced tools that help its implementation, for example the preparation of appropriate documentation, the use of GIS and technology developments were discussed. It was observed that breakthrough insights on the interaction between preventive conservation concepts and local and regional sustainable development are widening the debate towards a possible shift of the paradigms in which built heritage care is operating today.

The key contributions of both events were collected in a book publication, Reflections on Preventive Conservation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Monuments and Sites by the PRECOM³OS UNESCO Chair. It identifies and analyses awakening trends that were observed within the activities of the UNESCO PRECOM³OS Chair.

Furthermore, it aims at promoting further international collaboration and the development of research activities which are necessary in the field of preventive conservation, maintenance and monitoring of monuments and sites.


The publication will be released on the occasion of the opening of the new academic year of the KU Leuven, 23rd of September, at the Raymond Lemaire International Centre of Conservation. 

If you wish to order the book from within Europe, please visit the Publishers webpage.

If you wish to order the book from outside of Europe, please contact our administrative office.