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Thematic Week PRECOM³OS - Leuven 23rd – 25th January 2013 - Precomos - Preventive Conservation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Monuments and Sites

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Precomos: Preventive conservation,maintenance and monitoring of monuments and sites

Thematic Week PRECOM³OS - Leuven 23rd – 25th January 2013

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Thematic Week Preventive Conservation

During the 23rd – 25th January 2013, the Raymond Lemaire international Centre for Conservation (RLICC)  at KU Leuven organized for the first time a “Thematic Week”. It was the first of a series of conferences that will be annually organized from 2012-2013 on. The different lectures were grouped thematically under following themes:  ‘Technology and Heritage Documentation’,  ‘Regional Development and Economics’, ‘Politics and Social Involvement’,  ‘World Heritage’.  Each   thematic session was included international experts in the field. To   access the complete program and presentation of the Thematic Week,  please visit the library.

The topic of the first Thematic Week was inspired by the recent prolongation of the UNESCO Chair on Preventive Conservation,  Monitoring and maintenance of Monuments and Sites (PRECOM³OS) until 2016. The program of the conference looked into the international World Heritage perspective, evaluated the wider development potential of heritage preservation strategies based on preventive conservation and assessed different tools that help its implementation, for example making appropriate documentation and visual analysis possible.

We are glad that the partner-institutes which have been collaborating with us for the last 4 years were present to share their knowledge. These insights are often the result of close research collaboration and the continuous sharing of information in the PRECOM³OS network.  Scholars from different related fields and PhD researchers connected to the chair have generously shared their insights. The feed-back from and discussions with the audience during the subsequent workshops was of great interest to most speakers and to all participants to improve the understanding of the implementation and the potential of preventive conservation worldwide. Thus, the Thematic Week contributed greatly to the outcome of the research activities of the PRECOM³OS UNESCO Chair and of the RLICC.