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How to use the precomos website as a member - Precomos - Preventive Conservation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Monuments and Sites

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Precomos: Preventive conservation,maintenance and monitoring of monuments and sites

How to use the precomos website as a member

To get the maximum out of the precomos site you should register and log in to use the extra funtions and contribute to the community:

Add and edit your own library items


In the upright corner of the website click ‘register’

Fill in all fields in the registration form and submit.

After registration the administrators of the precomos website should approve your registration. After approving you get an email to notify you of your approval.

From now on you can log in to the precomos website and enjoy the extra functionalities.

Log in

In the upright corner of the website click ‘Log in’

Fill in your username and password.

In case you forgot your password it can be send to your email address.

Edit your account

In the upright corner of the website click ‘Check/edit your Account’

Here you can edit your profile, account, settings, email, password, etc.


In the upright corner of the website click ‘Publish/edit your library items’ and access your ‘control panel’

Under ‘Publish’ you can publish your library item.

Fill in the date and ‘category’ for your library item.

You can set the ‘status’ of your entry:

You can assign a new forum topic with your entry by filling in a ‘forum topic’ and ‘forum text’ to discuss your entry in the forums. You can also assign an already existing forum topic by filling in a ‘forum topic ID’ .

Fill in the ‘title’ of your entry.

Choose a ‘location’ to associate your entry to a location.

Fill in the ‘short abstract’ and ‘content’ .

Now you can add and upload some ‘additonal files’ to your entry. Follow the instructions associated with the ‘addional file 1’ field. Do not forget to add a good ‘descriptive name’ to every additional file.

Add some links under ‘link 1’ etc. Links should be complete. (f.e. http://www.google.com)

Further on you can add some ‘related articles’ . You can choose form a list of all library items an article you think is related to your entry.

If you have some remarks to the administrators about your entry, you can add them under ‘remarks to the administrator’ . This field will never be published on the website.           

If you are ready make sure to push ‘Submit’ next to the ‘title’ . ‘Quick save’ will save your entry but you stay on the entry form page. Preview gives you al little preview of the entry.


Under ‘Edit’ on the control panel home page you can edit your library items.

You can search your entries by category, status, date, keywords etc.

If you found the entry you want to edit, just click the title of the entry and start editing. If you’re ready click ‘update’ next to the ‘title’